• The documentary that will bring you behind the scenes of Silicon Valley!

    You will become an insider and hear the stories from amazing founders, serial entrepreneurs, and investors.


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    Ramona Pierson

    Recovered from a 18 months coma and started an education technology startup to help people learn.

    Danielle Fong

    Building an energy storage technology that allows the world to transition to 100% renewable energy!


    Nadir Bagaveyev

    Building rockets with innovative 3D printed engines.

    Eric Simons

    Building his third startup in an hacker house.

    Michael Moe

    Created a leading venture fund to support the next generation of transformative entrepreneurs.

    Victor Hwang

    Working on a technology that can provide clean water to everyone.

    Anthony Phillips

    Started a new school able to teach you how to code in just three months.

    Justin Alvey

    Building a smart smoke detector that got funded on Indiegogo.

    Huan Ho

    Enabling corporate internal innovation with his web platform.


    Derek Andersen

    Started a global startup community to connect entrepreneurs worldwide.

    Charlie Taibi

    Helps you turn your passions into successful companies.

    Jeremy Young

    Has been teaching in San Francisco, now he's traveling the world.


    Our documentary is freely available on YouTube for the world to watch.


    "You are not sitting behind a desk from 9 to 5, you are going after what you wanna go after!"

    Charlie Taibi, Draper University

    "You get so emotionally attached to what you are doing and who you are doing it with."

    Anthony Philips, Hack Reactor

    "Investors won't look down on you if you are in a t-shirt versus if you wear a business suit."

    Nadir Bagaveyev, Bagaveev Corp.

    Bring them backstage with you

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